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Welcome to my site
I created this site to share my random bits of content. I enjoy taking photos of my trips so that others may see locations they may not otherwise see. I have collected bits of technical information for troubleshooting issues. You can also check out the newest posts to each site section.

Feel free to take a look around, using the Menu to navigate through this site. If you have any feedback, suggestions, questions, comments or problems regarding this site, please use the Contact Us form and select recipient: Site Administrator.
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GlassStock West photos added today
Amy and I went to GlassStock West in Eugene Oregon again this year. This time I was there during the entire event and took tons of photos. This year was the event's 10th anniversary and it was a blast. I saw people I hadn't seen in a year and met a lot of new people.

The GlassStock photos origi ...

Views: 1507 - Posted: Sep 10th, 2012 (Mon) - Modified: Sep 10th, 2012 (Mon)
Category: Journal - Topic: Art & Artistry
Author: RobDog
Gallery Category - Travel Section Reorganized
I was looking through my Gallery and decided to reorganize the Travel section. I now have it divided by state. I thought this would be an easy way to find things and to see how many states I've been able to visit.
Links to albums or photos are not effected.

Views: 1567 - Posted: Jan 2nd, 2012 (Mon)
Category: Journal - Topic: RobDog711.com
Author: RobDog
Closing up 2011
We made it back from Oregon without problems. During our trip, we drove out to the Oregon coast and saw Sea Lion caves. We also went to a Safari about an hour and half south of Eugene. We have photos of it all (see Assoc at bottom of article for album link). On the way home, we stopped at the Shasta ...
Views: 1515 - Posted: Jan 2nd, 2012 (Mon)
Category: Journal - Topic: Rob's World
Author: RobDog
Ford Escape 2008
Amy and I purchased a 2008 Escape (5/21/2011).
Views: 2184 - Posted: May 22nd, 2011 (Sun) - Modified: May 22nd, 2011 (Sun)
Category: Planes, Trains, & Automobiles - Topic: Transportation
Author: RobDog
Garmin nüvi 755/755T 4.3 Inch Portable GPS Navigator with Traffic
We're looking to purchase a GPS device for traveling. After using a Garmin and reading several positive reviews, we decided to go with them. I then looked at the different devices within our price ra ...
Views: 2619 - Posted: Apr 18th, 2010 (Sun)
Category: Reference
Author: RobDog
Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK)
The Microsoft Windows SDK is a set of tools, code samples, documentation, compilers, headers, and libraries that developers can use to create applications that run on Microsoft Windows operating syste ...
Views: 2139 - Posted: Mar 25th, 2010 (Thu)
Category: MS Windows - Topic: Microsoft
Author: RobDog
KB Articles
Ford Escape 2008 - Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) Transmitter Programming
1. The vehicle must be electronically unlocked before entering program mode using the RKE transmitter, keyless entry keypad (if equipped) or door lock ...
Ford Escape 2008 - Pats Key programming Using Two Programmed Keys
1. Insert the first Ford programmed key into the ignition lock cylinder and turn the key from the OFF position to the ON position (maintain the key in ...
Ford Escape 2008 - Part Number List
Vehical: 2008 Ford Escape (Gas)
Engine Type: 2.3L Duratec-HE (145PS) - MI4
Transmission: 4 Speed CD4E Automatic
AJAX - Refresh page every x seconds without Postback
This will automatically refresh the Update Panel every X seconds (example uses 5000 seconds).
Format String as Date
This will take a string object and cast it as a date, then cast it back as a string in the date format you desire.

You will want to validate that t ...
SQL Visualizer
SQL Visualizer is a Windows client SQL Server database query and management tool that allows you to easily navigate around your database objects and allows you to visualize what is happening within bo ...
There, I Fixed It
Fail Blog
Friskies Canned Cat Food
(Rated: 08 - Good)
[Update: 2011-02-11]
I received my coupons today. I got one for a free 36 pack (to replace the one we purchased), and one for for 2 cans ...
Motorola Technical Support (Droid)
(Rated: 02 - Bad)
My POP3 email stopped polling (It is supposed to poll / sync every 15 minutes) unless I go in and click the sync icon. This happened about a week or t ...
Church's Chicken - Stockton Blvd
(Rated: 01 - Very bad)
[Jan 2011]
Looks like I have to avoid this place completely. I went to get food and ended up not getting a reciept (which was odd) and ended up ...
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Les Claypool (2009)

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Album: Les Claypool (2009 Jun 19)
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Site Updates
Site Search: Available All Pages
I have added a small search box at the top of the default theme. Now you can search from any page.

I've also removed the quick search block from t ...

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Category Select Method Updated
Why didn't I do this sooner?
When you view a section (articles, bios, etc..) a "category tree" was displayed, showing every category that has an a ...

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Site Statistics - Improved
I wanted to know the most popular posts by site section. I decided to simply add a new column to the Site Statistics page for item "views". I then a ...
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